Open Windows at Night

An algae breeze swells, beats the morning sun to flood the senses awake.


…Grow Up So Fast

You shove my head to the side, demand to examine me in profile. Your hungry fingers clutch the ladder of earrings scaling my ear. You are mesmerized. Concentration breath puffs against my cheek, warm and steady. You squeal as you bounce on my legs; I am but an extension of your playground. We trundle downstairs... Continue Reading →


One day we’ll come downstairs and the spinny-spinny will be a mere fan to you, the fascination behind everyday items swallowed by maturity. The thought breaks my heart.

The Art of Deadheading

 When I moved in, the bush was shrouded in velvet petals the blushing pink of early sunrise. I traced time against the slant of those thorny branches, the thicket tilting to track the sun.   The roses turned brittle on their branches; quivered in the Autumn wind. I learned they needed pruning: an angled cut just below decaying... Continue Reading →


When you call them snakes I assume I know what you mean (after all, the thread of your upbringing matches mine).   Desire swells; I yearn to pluck you from that garden fertilized by preached expectations. We exist as “others” in a field that covets uniformity.   I long to show you new plots, ones... Continue Reading →

Where To, Next?

Relaxed, reclined we tell our remembers; everyone’s version varies (time has muddled the details). Kids fight sleepy eye droops as we try on one more story. It’s deceiving, this reunion. A siren song that lures me with images of where O fits in. The marrow of my childhood - this is what I want to... Continue Reading →

Next in Line

We devoured wings and burgers and rice and watermelon as little ones skittered through the backyard trees. We - the parents now - sat on the steps and recounted our own adventures in that same gnarly thicket. Later, when the sun goes down and the heat mercifully abates, the kids will scamper inside to play... Continue Reading →

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