My Favorite Things

Rocking chair cuddles. Llama, Llama buddy reads. “Up please.” “Beby.” Gaping mouth kisses.     Time is the Seattle sun - so overwhelmingly bright and fleeting.



It’s a milestone we missed.   Didn’t even mark it’s passing, you say.   I rack my mind. Another month older? A comparison to last year? But you shake your head:   the end of the highchair.   In the silence that follows I count all the other ones: Mini-tub, Bassinet, Blanket playspace, Carseat stroller.... Continue Reading →


I circle us up, implore you to declare your greatness to each other. You are timid at first, speak in mouse-squeak questions. I push, demand: Own Who You Are.   The passion finally catches, sparks raised voices and firework exclamations. You cheer each other on, lighting the classroom with joy, confidence.   In the cacophony... Continue Reading →


They will police your every decision.        What to wear:      No spaghetti straps,      Hemlines longer than fingertips,      No midriffs.   The way to talk: Speak softly, Don’t be opinionated, Be agreeable.        How to act:      Smile often,      Stay pure,    ... Continue Reading →

What Girls are Made Of

Like a lizard under a heat lamp, I was basking in my place, glorifying the high point of a long tumultuous journey: a regular writing habit, an awesome job, a fabulously located house. You cast your eyes over my seat, proclaimed I needed to be more humble. I thought about the boys in my life,... Continue Reading →


With the late September sun showering the air in a yellow glow, you beckon us to circle up so you can bestow some advice for the big game tomorrow. Before we end, you dole out a curfew and smile, pointing at a Senior: “And A--, in bed by ten, home by midnight.” All us high... Continue Reading →

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