The Tree Across the Way

The tree across the way is clinging to its final burst of persimmon red.   I’ve watched it, week by week - the lone shock of color in a sea of naked branches, gray sky.   The elements have tried to claim it for their own, crawled their gusty fingers up the trunk; their efforts only... Continue Reading →


December Rain

I trace droplets down the glass, trails crystallizing in the icy air.

One of These is Not Like the Others

Your ears hang heavy with Nefertiti earrings. You watch these straw haired straight hipped girls - how different they are from you.   You inflate, tell stories that balloon into tales part truth, part fiction.   But I know this bridge you’re building won’t reach their walled-in shores.

Mean Girl Posts

They hide behind screens obsessed with followers and comments. They aim with dexterity, their words sharpened to pierce - insecurities bleed in their wake.

Out of State

Gently, you cradled my ankle, examined it with care. Proclaimed you were going to be a doctor.   Four years my senior, I wanted to impress so I shared my dream too: follow in the footsteps of my parents and aunts and grandparents.   Aim higher, you said.   So I did.

Side Shave

And maybe the locks that fell held those stories, the part of me who was before - some days it’s hard to remember her.

Horizontal Islands*

So much depends upon   the interpretation of texted words   that follow seemingly weightless off-handed remarks.   *The title is a lyric from Imogean Heap's Telemiscommunications

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