WA 101

It startled her, the sudden nearness of the water. He eased the car around a cruve, and the trees to her right broke open. She lost her breath mid-inhale at the sight of the gray water. Her gaze danced upward toward the horizon, but a curtain of mist played tricks with her vision. The monochromatic expanse made her twinge with insecurity; she couldn’t tell where the water ended and the sky began.

The sight was but a brief glimpse. The car continued forward, and she lost her gap in the trees. She pressed her body forward, and her eyes scoured the roadside, ravenous for another break in the foliage. The scenery flirted with her, opening up for quick seconds, and her stare feasted on the salty sea.

But no view was quite like that first time.

The serenity of it haunted her.


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