Jo’s Choice

She leans forward all

caramel skin and silky black eyes.

She announces the ending –

Beth dies. Jo spurns Laurie.

Meg has kids. Amy marries Laurie.

It’s Jo they snag on, their voices

raise in a cacophony, lamenting

Jo’s choice. They don’t understand it;

they see themselves in Jo, and

they all fell in love with Laurie.

I eavesdrop, a sideways crescent smile

stretches across my lips. I know their

angst, and I love them for it.

I want to turn and tell them –

you’ll all have your Laurie,

and then you’ll understand.

I sit in my chair –

envy them the innocence

to hate Jo for rejecting Laurie,

their own green journey winding ahead.

I remember my Laurie, the moment I knew.

Black pen in hand, words pouring out

filling brittle brown pages. A waterfall

of revelation. The knowing and

the doing were years apart.

The bus rattles forward, the girls change pace

and talk about a YouTube video they can’t stand to watch.


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