She is dancing, the soles of her feet slick with warm liquid. The night is gauzy black, and the clouds trickle out endless water. She brushes her toe along the gravel and comes up to releve. Her friend, Lily, stands in the street, brown car door propped open, her body wedged into the space. Lily’s gushing about the dance, a flood of plans and details that she lackadaisically tunes in and out of. She drops her body forward to complete a tombe padebouree, the tepid liquid splashing against her calf.

“I’ve narrowed it down to silver or navy blue.”

She does a shenae turn and regards Lily, her brown eyes like shale and straight chestnut hair. “Go with the navy blue.”

Lily twists her lips, and she knows Lily has already settled on the silver. She smiles to herself and does a waltz step two sidewalk squares down and back. Steam lifts off the black asphalt, and she thinks about prickly white tutus and perfect points.

“We should all get ready at my place. Stacy’ll do hair.”

She nods. Her dress hangs in her closet hidden under lime green plastic. She remembers the feel of it, the off the shoulder sleeves with sparkly infinity pins at each seam. It swished against her legs when she moved, and the purple reminded her of the fleshy insides of soft, ripe plums.

Lily is laughing now, watching her complete changements in double time. She grins widely and brings her arms through first up to fifth. Her hair is damp, the styled curls turning into frizz. She doesn’t care.

He filled her bathtub with shimmery orange goldfish and a cheesy saying that made her heart pirouette. She plotted over her response, a smile permanently plastered to her face. The winning reply was Lily’s idea, and she suspected Lily had a hand in the way he asked too.

She does a simple plie and marvels at each individual blade of grass in the strip between her and Lily. The blades all look so green and so tall. She wants to feel the evergreen tips tickle the bottom of her feet.

“Alright girl, I gotta go. You’re in your own world anyway.”

They grin at each other, their teeth white in the dark night. She imagines the look on Lily’s date when he sees her, all dress and hair and make-up. A thrill bolts through her chest down to her toes, and she does a tour jete, thinking of her own date now.

NaBloPoMo November 2015


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