My knife pierces the flesh, and I trace the circumference of the bulbous fruit. I feel the swollen pods in my grip and picture the bounty within: infinite ruby teardrops pregnant with tart juices.

I crack it open and loose seeds glitter into the bowl. A tingle ripples through me as I  glimpse the promising insides. Tenderly, so as not to squash the remaining pieces, I pry them free of their ivory prison and lick my parched lips.

Soon I will hold a handful of these pods in my mouth and explode the supple seeds between my teeth.


One thought on “Pomegranate

  1. My mouth watering as I read/write. Imagine 100-fold when I peer into the seeds. Half of it vanishes before I get to the end of seeding. Next time, I squeeze it as is. Carefully turning it around for a complete round of juicy bomb. Holding it up with mouth underneath it. Find a gentle spot. Bite a little hole as I slurp the juice into my already watery mouth. Taste of Heaven ingests into my body…..

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