Impromptu Moving Day

        “I’m putting it in GPS.” Annie pulled her phone out of the cup holder.

        “You don’t need it.” Sonoda said.

        I leaned forward in my seat. “Yeah, we’ll get you there.”

        “You just missed an opening.” Sonoda pointed to the empty road in front of us.

        “I don’t wanna turn fast with all that stuff in the back. Don’t let the crockpot fall.”

        I pulled the black pot off the box. “It’s in my lap.”

        “Is this taking you to 395?”

        “Why? Is this not the best way?”

        “I mean, I usually do Mount Vernon.” I watched the green road sign pass over the car.

        “That has too many lights.”

        “Go left.” Sonoda tilted his body toward the steering wheel.        

        “Yeah you should have gone left.”

        “What? No! You guys said right.” Annie banged her fists against the wheel.

        Sonoda turned to consult me. “It’s okay. Just get off on Backlick and we’ll loop around. You think 495 is okay right now?”

        I leaned over to look at the center consul. “What time is it? 3:17. Yeah it’ll be fine.”

        “Okay you’re gonna go left and right – ”

        “Too many directions. Just tell me as I get there.”

        I looked at the boxes piled up behind me. “This the last trip for the today?”      

        “If we ever get there. Exit.” Sonoda said.


        “Yeah. Get in the left lane.”

        “Brake faster!” I pressed my feet into the floor beneath me.

        “Brake, brake, brake, brake!” Sonoda reached out for the dashboard.

        “Oh my god.”

        “That was so close. I was just waiting to hear the crunch.”

        Annie ran her hands over her face. “You guys I don’t even know what happened.”

        Sonoda relaxed in his seat. “What is that? Like two for today?”

“Told ya. Things’ll just bounce off this beast.”

Annie let out a deep breath. “Can you imagine me having to tell Drew?”

I craned my neck around Sonoda’s chair so I could watch the light change. “It’s just a straight shot now; we might make it.”



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