Almost Spring


humming over wires, the

tiny bird sips, sings.


One thought on “Almost Spring

  1. Mountain of snow
    Mobs of skiers
    Snow boarder punks
    Creaking ski lifts

    Sunny blue skies
    Whitened trails
    Groomed and ungroomed
    Slopes of moguls

    Kids of all ages
    Parental guidance following
    Down tumble one and another
    Laughter ensuing

    I hear Chris, Pari, and Pam
    Riding on lift, my memory refreshing
    Brighton, Solitude skiing
    Days of Super Bowl playing

    Pari grumpy, Pam joining too
    Chastising Dad for inconveniences!
    Chris calm and cool
    Running thru bumps and crevices

    Top of “Snake Creek” lift
    View of Heber valley “Homestead”
    Breathtaking, astonishing kick
    Years later, Chris married there, swift!

    Memories and memories pouring all in
    Every trail I take, on every lift, I wonder
    Now by myself, recalls of the past
    Will there be another ski day for me, I ponder!!!


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