Now Boarding

I’ve given up –

I don’t have the energy

to hide the sobs that steal my breath.

My tears – unleashed –

careen down my face.

For the first time

I’m not ashamed

for you to see me cry.


You tell me then: It’s a hard place to leave,

an even harder place to live in.

And I realized my grief is a salt spec

in the Caspian Sea of yours.


One thought on “Now Boarding

  1. Will I board again ?!

    I heard it in my younger years
    I learned, experienced it later on in life
    The hidden tears shed in adult age
    Is no comparison to childhood years!

    Yes, hard to live and harder to leave!
    Wonderland, ancient civilization, dynasties of kingship
    Desert land, lavish green, vast, mountainous
    Ecstasy of food, nurturing, and love…

    Middle East, axis of confrontations
    Westoxifications ravaging culture, country
    Propagandas manipulating young minds
    Decadent policies seething afflictions

    No one sees my tears
    No one hears my cry
    No one renders my quest
    I TOO shriek silently and not ashamed!!!

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